Performance Team & Company Dance Program

Shining Stars Recreational Dance Program


Our Shining Stars Dance Program has been designed to provide your child with an experience where he/she will have the opportunity to build their confidence and coordination thru our recreational dance classes.  We offer combination classes for all ages and classes focusing specifically on tap, jazz, ballet and hip-hop for our 5+ year old recreational students.  All of our Shining Stars students will participate in two recital performances annually, one in December and one in May.  ​* Please note... all dancers must meet the specific age requirement of their class/level by October 1st of the current school year session.​  

Future Stars- A parent assisted class where our 18-36 month old students will have the opportunity to come take a class to help work on learning to follow instructions and also build their large motor skills thru dance and tumbling exercises.  Future Stars will NOT participate in either of our recital performances, so there will be no costume expenses associated with this class.  Future Stars will need pink ballet shoes (females) or black tumbling shoes (males) for this class.  

Twinkle Stars- A 30 minute introductory class for our 2-3 year old students where they will focus on working thru parent/child separation, learning to take turns, and following instructions, all while building fine and large motor skills.  Twinkle stars combo students will perform one routine in our Holiday Showcase and one routine in our Spring Recital as well.  Twinkle Stars will need pink ballet shoes (females) or black tumbling shoes (males) for this class.  

Sparkle Stars- A 60 minute combination class for our 3-5 year old students that will focus on learning basic ballet, tap, and basic tumbling skills.  Sparkling Stars combo students will perform one dance routine in our Holiday Showcase and one routine in our Spring Recital as well.  Tumbling will be for learning/skill building purposes only.  Sparkling Stars Combo female students will need to purchase pink ballet shoes and tan merry jane style tap shoes and male students will need black tumbling shoes and black lace up tap shoes for this class.  

5+ Year Old Youth Classes- Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Hula class options for our 7+ year old recreational students.  Each class will follow a set class syllabus and focus on building skill within it's own genre.  Superstar classes will perform one routine per class in our Holiday Showcase and one routine per class in our Spring Recital.  Superstars combo students will perform one routine in our Holiday Showcase and one routine in our Spring Recital.  Female combo students will need to purchase 1-2 pairs of shoes for this class, the specified shoe for each style assigned to their combination class.  

Tumbling classes are centered on fundamental acrobatic technique to increase flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, and tumbling skills.  Class time will include stretch and flexibility exercises, strength drills, and stations to work on tumbling and acrobatic skills such as cartwheels, roundoff, handstands, bridges, chest rolls, limbers, handsprings, backtracks, and more.  This is a great class for those looking to enhance their dance skills with acrobatic/tumbling tricks and also for those who are looking to gain skills for their cheer or drill team.  LEOTARD AND TUMBLING OR JAZZ SHOES REQUIRED FOR ALL TUMBLING CLASSES!  

Tumbling 1- Ages 5+, No Requirements

Tumbling 2- Backbend Required (no spot, proper form)

Tumbling 3- Backbend Kickover Required (no spot, proper form)

Tumbling 4- Backawalkover+ Required (no spot, proper form)

​Tumbling 5- Backhandspring+ Required (no spot, proper form)


If you have the desire for your child to take their dance training beyond the recreational level, Viva has two programs that offer additional training along with competitive dance opportunities.  Our Performance Team and Company members commit 1-4 days a week to their training in all genres of dance and will attend competitions and/or conventions in addition to performing in our two recital performances each year.  Our goal is for our Performance Team and Company members to develop excellent  technical dance skills while building exceptional work ethic and teamwork skills so we can help them acquire life skills that will follow them thru every chapter of their teenage and adult years.  Teams/Groups are formed based on technical ability, performance quality, movement quality, and ability to learn and retain choreography.  Age and potential for growth are also considered as we form our Company groups each season.  If you would like additional information regarding our Performance Team or Company Program, please feel free to email Miss Nicci at

Performance Team Competitive Dance Program-  Ages 5+, Lesser Commitment Program, 2-3 LOCAL competitions 

Performance Team 1- Average Age 5-7 by placement (Minimum 1.25 hours of class each week, 1 Competition Jazz Routine)

Performance Team 2- Average Age 7-10 by placement (Minimum 1.75 hours of class each week, 1 Competition JAZZ Routine)

Performance Team 3- Average Age 10+ by placement (Minimum 17.5 hours of class each week, 1 Competition JAZZ Routine)

Pre-Professional Company Program- Stronger Commitment Program, 4-6 REGIONAL competition/convention events

Mini Company- Average Age 7-8 by audition/invitation only (Minimum 4 hours class per week)

Junior Company- Average Age 9-11 by audition/invitation only (Minimum 6 hours class per week)

Teen & Senior Company- Average Age 12+ by audition/invitation only (Minimum 8 hours class per week)

* Placements are made based primarily on ability and potential within each individual dancer, with the ages listed above used merely as a guideline.  On occasion dancers may be asked to dance "up" an age level if our staff feels the dancer is mature enough to take weekly classes with an older, more advanced group of students.